Enhance your sales and marketing with technology




Enhance your sales and marketing with technology

Our Marketing Technology Services

Our Marketing Technology Services

Recent advances in technologies that businesses use to “sell” their products and services, such as so-called MarTech, SalesTech, and AdTech, are remarkable. These technologies are expected to be used to maximise sales and marketing productivity and consequently contribute to sales growth. Far too often, however, businesses are cramming technology into their operations for its own sake. We have three primary services to enable technology to play its role effectively and contribute to the realisation of strategy-based business goals.

Selection support

We define business requirements based on your sales strategy, technology stacks and organisational maturity. Then, we help you identify where technologies will support your business and select the right vendors that best fit most into your specific demands. Technology should not be added for its own sake, but rather we firmly believe that the process should start by setting clear business objectives, to select a technology stack that will serve to best achieve these objectives.

Introduction support

We design your future system with a view to integration into the existing systems, and this is done in line with the previously defined objectives of system introduction. Our service, which includes business process design and user training, delivers an optimal system design and introduction to achieve your business objectives.

Utilisation support

We assist in achieving your business goals by exploiting systems. Based on your marketing and sales strategy we can provide user training, operational consulting as well as outsourced marketing operation services.
We lead you to success in the launch and utilisation of best-mixed technology stacks for your organisation based on your sales strategy.

Examples of technology stacks

we have experience in supporting
for introduction and utilisation include:

we have experience in supporting for introduction and utilisation include:

Use cases for introduction support

Marketo + Salesforce + Adobe Analytics + Domo + J-Stream Equipmedia + SAS
Marketo + Dynamics CRM + uSonar
Salesforce + Pardot + Google Analytics + Google Search Console
Salesforce + AshiAto + Google Analytics + Google Search Console + docodoco.JP
Salesforce + Synergy! LEAD + Google Analytics + Google Search Console
Oracle Eloqua + Salesforce
Shanon Marketing Platform + e-Sales Manager

Use cases for operation service (User training, outsourced operations, operational consulting)

Creation of internal operation manuals for Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, and Salesforce.
User training for Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, etc.
Introduction of the latest features of Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua and their application to the organisation.
Salesforce training to drive end-user adoption and utilisation by managers.
Marketing outsourced operations (Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, and Salesforce)